Baja, Mexico

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$450 - Transportation to/from LA included

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Ready for a weekend roadtrip down to some of Baja California’s up-and-coming hidden gems? The mission? To drink all the wine to your heart’s content in the burgeoning vineyard region of the Guadalupe Valley.

We will complete many other missions on this most epic of field trips, of course. We’ll follow in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps to a small ceviche stand in Ensenada, where piles of gloriously fresh sea urchin, snail, and octopus ceviche atop a flat crispy tostada await us. Then, we’ll toast each other at local Ensenada breweries before descending upon the Valle de Guadalupe where we’ll enjoy a multi-course feast that’s grown fresh on local farms by award winning chefs.  All in all, the perfect LA getaway after a long week at the office.  

Price Includes:

  • Transportation to and from LA to Baja

  • Personal translator

  • One night hotel stay

  • Lunch, dinner Saturday 

  • Breakfast, lunch Sunday 

  • 2 wine tastings

  • 1 brewery tasting

  • 1 cheese tasting

*Rooms are double occupancy, but single occupancy can be arranged for an additional fee

* Lunch and dinner do not include alcoholic beverages

What we do!

Photo Courtesy of Food and Travel Mexico



We'll be staying for one night in some of the best hotels the Valle has to offer set upon its scenic views. 


Wine Taste

Sample of the region's local wine in the up-and-coming wine country of Valle de Guadalupe. 

Photo by Carley Rudd

Photo by Carley Rudd



Craft Brewing has moved to Ensenada and we'll be tasting what they are brewing up. 


¡Qué delicioso! 

You don't even know, just put it in your mouth. 



As seen on Refinery29.

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